Reunion Song                                                                     Patte LeMieux,                                                                                                           2005


G                  Em     C                                 G                      D

Was I only dreaming? Seems like it was here and now it’s gone

                       Em                            C

Memories of firelight, music in the moonlight

 G                                     D

Boat rides in the setting sun

                            Em    C                     G                     D

I still hear the laughter; I see your eyes across the room

                              Em                            C

We will have this moment; have it for forever

              G                                       D

And you say that you’ll come home soon.




G                          Em  C                    G                                   D

How I long for summer, I long for summer when you come home

                                  Em                               C

When every night’s a party, and everybody’s rowdy,

             G                            D

But we still have our time alone.

                       Em                         C                   G                      

My time with you, your time with me, our time alone.



             C                           D9                              G                   C

Bridge: And it goes so fast like a lightning flash, like an image from a dream

         Am                                     D                               G

It’s burned in my mind and it’s there when I close my eyes

           C                             D9

I can see your face; I can see your eyes,

          G                                  C

I can hear your sweet, sweet song

                  Am                          D                 G

1.)  And it stays with me long after our goodbyes.


                  Am                        D             G                            C   G/B

2.) And it stays with me long after, it stays with me long after,

     Am                          D                  G

It stays with me long after our goodbyes.